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Our Story

In 1991, Linda L’Erario was looking for a new beginning. Wanting to start a happy and refreshing business, she decided to open an ice cream shop. Linda, alongside boyfriend Ed Jones, transformed a, what seemed to be a disaster, 400 square foot store.


Old Store.jpg

While the shop was under construction, Linda and Ed always kept the doors and windows open. As people passed by, Linda would tell them what they were creating. The soon to be ice cream shop became a  community affair! Before the doors even 

opened, we had the support of our community and everyone cheering us on! Finally, after a few months of hard work, Lindy Hops opened its doors for the first time on March 16th, 1991!


In only our second year of business, our shop expanded with a 600 square foot addition! This allowed a space for Ed to start experimenting with making ice cream and water ice. This was the start to us becoming Lindy Hops Homemade Ice Cream! From using high quality products mixed with a lot of TLC, we continuously create new and unique flavors of ice cream!


In 2004, our shop was knocked down and rebuilt into a 1,500 square foot store! We now have more room to create even more ice cream and a large walk-in freezer to keep it in. The expansion also gave us an indoor and outdoor seating area! This is the shop that we are still in today!



linda and ed.jpg

We have been a part of Galloway’s community for a long time and have loved every moment of it! We love having our shop filled with people, laughter, and of course delicious ice cream!

Since the beginning, we have kept to a 50’s theme. Everything from the music playing to the decorations on the walls to the checkered floors screams 1950’s! The inspiration for the 50’s theme came from a clock Linda saw while looking through a magazine. The clock still hangs on our walls today and became the mural that now covers an

entire wall in our shop. The name Lindy Hops

came from a nickname Linda’s cousin Sammy

gave her. He called her Lindy Hop after the

dance because she was always jumping and

dancing around as a kid!

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